Sunday, November 06, 2005

A quiet Sunday in Columbus - until the border patrol helicopter shows up

Sunday, November 6, 2005

It's a quiet day in Columbus - as I bike around, everything is closed except for the one-and-only gas station, the museum at the historical railroad depot, and a small Mexican café (menudo today, announces their sign).

I've got some sort of allergy-thing going on. Thankfully I have a pretty well-stocked box of remedies, including cold, flu and allergy. I don't feel especially bad, just very stuffed up and sneezy.

A number of RVs arrived, including some from the Silver City Elks for their annual pre-Thanksgiving week/dinner and some from the Border Cities Winnebago Chapter. It was a good day for visiting. There are four other solo women RVers here today - and they all are full-timers.

I spent time with the camp host/volunteers: two couples and one single lady. I located a motorhome that has satellite Internet and spent time talking to them about it.

It was a lazy day. I settled in early this evening because the "no hear-um mosquitoes" are here, also. As I started reading, I heard a helicopter fly overhead - again and again. I went out and noted that they are circling and have a couple powerful spotlights aiming down. Must be something involved with the border patrol; after all, we are just three miles from the border and this area is a major thoroughfare for illegals. Realizing that the helicopter was focusing on the RV park area, I quickly went back in and made sure all doors were locked. It's now been about 15 minutes, and they are still at it. It will be interesting to talk with the park rangers tomorrow.

That's it for today. Glad I'm safe and secure in Jeremiah and my bike is double locked. Tomorrow I'll head to the café and/or library and get my blog posted. And I'll take some pictures.