Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thinking about moving on

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Another blustery, windy day set in about mid morning, just as I was contemplating unhooking and driving into Truth or Consequences for some shopping and hopefully to find a way to access the Internet.

The wind changed my mind. I decided to make today another working day and made good progress. Three RVs arrived during the day, giving me opportunities to take breaks and visit.
I went to great pains to take pictures of a field of chiles. (see photo) What was the pain? Chile plants aren't very tall, and to get the photo angle I wanted, it was necessary to lie down in the dirt - long enough for an unknown insect to give me a painful bite on my knee! I had wanted to take pictures for several days, but put it off. In the meantime, we had a few nights of below freezing temperatures that froze the plants' leaves. I was told that the farmer is intentionally letting the chiles dry on the plant rather than picking them and then mechanically drying them at the packing shed.

I am considering moving on to Pancho Villa State Park at the border town of Columbus, NM, on Saturday. The drive takes me through Deming where there is a Walmart and I think I'll have a good chance of Internet access.

Today's posting is not complete without an interesting quote by Beverly Donofrio, author of "A Roof of One's Own":

If you say yes to yourself,
If you let your imagination fly,
If you open one stuck, fear-warped door,
Other doors you never even noticed fly open,
Pushed by a spirit strong as a hurricane.