Friday, October 28, 2005

Serenity replaces busy-ness

"As life picks up debris from busy-ness, activities, and involvements, one needs to stop and seek solitude," wrote Charles R. Swindoll in his book, Wisdom for the Way - wise words for busy people.

Friday, (October 28, 2005)

After a short visit, the other camper left this morning to settle for a couple of months in T or C. I'm now the only one in the park; a good day to read, think and write. Sitting still was difficult for me the past two days. There was much to explore. Today I found things to rearrange in Jeremiah, etc. I soon ran out of busy projects and decided to slow down for a time of inner refreshment. It was time to replace busy-ness with serenity.

The day was lovely - warm and breezy, blue sky with a few puffy white clouds, and not a soul around. I sat out under the cabana to enjoy my surroundings. I heard a variety of birds, the leaves rustling in the breeze, the ground squirrels scolding, and the motor from a distant tractor.

I watched an army of caterpillars work their way through the grass blades and up and down small dirt hills. I watched Cat as she explored and chased leaves before disappearing behind the neighboring cabana. I noted which types of trees had started taking on their fall colors, and how their shadows changed as the day progressed.

All this sitting still didn't come easy. I kept wanting to get up to do something. "No, Carol. Sit ...breathe ... relax ... enjoy."

After lunch, I decided to have my time of solitude at the river. Before I could leave, camp host Joyce came by to invite me to go to the Eagles Lodge this evening for the monthly steak dinner.
At the river, I walked a bit and found a comfortable place on the river bank to sit. An Old Testament Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, came to mind as I marveled at my surroundings: "Be still and know that I am God." Unlike the campground area, there was nothing man-made in sight - only God's creation. (photo)

It was time to head back to Jeremiah, take a shower and get ready for my dinner date. On my way I saw that another motorhome had arrived. I stopped to greet the new arrival and met Penny, another single female adventurer. She calls Maine home, but has been a full-timer for a couple of years. This is an overnight stop for her as she heads west to California. She has traveled widely, including a couple of months in Alaska. I didn't have time for a long visit, but I did warn her about the "silent" mosquitoes and alerted her to the morning sand crane show.
Dinner was delightful and delicious! The Eagles Lodge is located in nearby Arrey (pronounced a - ray). The lodge has some type of dinner each Friday evening: steak on the last Friday is $7.50 and the others are $5.

Shortly after I got back to Jeremiah, Penny came by and brought me some "guaranteed to repel biting insects, made from eco-friendly products" liquid made in Maine. We had a nice visit. She is a physician (internist) who has taken time off from working for a few years. We talked about motorhome things - adding solar panels, finding free wireless Internet connections, travel-related books we've enjoyed, etc. She prefers to travel about 100 miles a day, making time to explore towns and local attractions along the way.

What a good day I had! Beauty, solitude, steak dinner, friendship - and the anticipation of more days to come. I head off to bed with a grateful heart and a smile.