Monday, October 31, 2005

A work day deserves a play day

Monday, October 31, 2005

As I fell asleep on Sunday night, I decided that today would be a good day to ride my bike to a couple small towns near by. However, I awoke to a windy day, and it was still a fairly stiff breeze by the time it warmed up at 10 a.m. So instead, I got some work done on the Personal Chef magazine. When things calmed down mid afternoon, I did some bird-watching along the river and got a good photo of the fall color reflecting on the water. (photo)

Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2005

Ah, a promising day for a bike ride - when it warms up. It got down to 30 degrees last night, so I elected to watch the cranes from Jeremiah's window. And I was treated to five mule deer walking within 50 feet.

About 10:30 I pedaled down the road, heading to Arrey (pronounced a-ray) - about three miles. I was hoping for a "town" but that is stretching it. It has a café, post office, gas station/grocery, school and two churches. From the looks of the dwellings, the population consists mostly of farm workers. Wondering what Derry (pronounced dairy) would have to offer, I continued south on highway 187.

It was a pleasant ride - primarily flat, somewhat paralleling the Rio Grande. There are agricultural fields, three chile packing companies, two dairies, a small church and cemetery, a roadside produce vendor, scattered dwellings (many old trailers) - and dogs that like to chase bicycles! After I had ridden almost 10 miles, and still hadn't come to Derry, I decided to ride back.

I stopped at the produce shack, manned by an elderly Mexican, and bought a tomato, small honey dew and small cantaloupe. Glad I had taken my large backpack.

The dairy has its version of a nursery/preschool for calves that will eventually replace current cows - each one gets its own little house! Their front doors face south, and several were lounging in their small yards. (photo)

The café in Arrey was calling to me for a delicious Mexican lunch of tamales, and a burrito to-go for tomorrow's breakfast. Chatted with several others having lunch. Remembering the pack of dogs I had barely outrun along the short-cut to the park, I chose to take a longer route.

Along the way I rode through the Eagles' Lodge RV parking area (spotted a whimsically painted trailer - see photo) and then through the Arrey RV Park where I visited with the owner, a self-proclaimed "grumpy old man." When I said "good afternoon" he corrected me and said it was still morning - you guessed it, I had not thought to change my clocks.

In fact, with no TV, radio (my Spanish is not up to it), telephone or Internet reception, I have to think twice about what day it is. And time is not important. I get up when I wake up, eat when I'm hungry, and go to bed when I am sleepy.

I visited a bit with camp host Joyce, a native of New Mexico, this afternoon. We got on the topic of New Mexican food and she said she makes the very best red chile sauce. As she was describing the process, starting with dried red chiles, she stopped and said, "better yet, you can come over when I make enchiladas tomorrow and then you can stay for dinner." Oh, boy! I'll take good notes. If they turn out as good as she says, I'll stop by a chile-packing place and buy some Sandia Reds. (Linda, we can make some enchiladas.)

Cat was roaming outside, and got chased by "the monster" again, and gave me a good laugh as she was clinging to the trunk of a tree. I did take a picture of her on the cabana wall after the dog was called home. (photo)

Today's worthy quote is from actress/writer Katharine Hepburn:

"Genius is an infinite capacity for taking life by the scruff of the neck."

It's 5:30 p.m. and I have a gorgeous sunset. It's been a good day.