Sunday, October 30, 2005

Cat's Adventures

Sunday, Oct. 30, 2005

As told to Carol (a.k.a. "mom")

I think mom had a boring day today. But I had a great, exciting one.

Mom went out early again to watch those silly birds. Every day they fly over and every day they fly back. They look like the same birds. How boring. Why does mom keep doing this? She makes me stay inside, which is just fine with me because it's warm and I'm sleepy from roaming the motorhome all night. You see I'm on guard duty all night. I go from window to window, checking things out. (see photo)

When mom finally comes back in she says, "Brrr, it's cold out there!" Well, duh! If she looked at the thermometer she'd know it is cold out. But no, it's the same old routine. How boring.

Today after my morning nap and her breakfast, mom gathered a book, tablet and pencil, fixed another cup of coffee and settled into the swivel chair to read and write. I was hoping to go out, but I was ignored. So I took another nap.

Finally, mom announced that it was warm enough to go outside. Yipee! She sat under the cabana and started reading and writing again. How boring.

She requested that I stay nearby and I did because I wanted to climb my tree again. Last time I did, I could tell that she was worrying about me getting back down. Well, I admit it was not easy, but I did it. I can see the whole world from my tree! This time she was busy reading and writing and didn't even pay attention to where I was.

I saw lots of things to explore, so I came down and took off looking for adventure. I chased some leaves, watched some furry "sticks" with hundreds of legs. You would think that with so many legs they could move fast, but no. They are s-l-o-w. Slow but sure they went. I got bored watching them. The grasshoppers were interesting for a while, but I couldn't catch any.

I'm not saying where else I went, but I came back running after a scary incident. The camp host snitched on me, though. She told mom that I was snooping around their motorhome when their dog discovered me. I took off running - the monster was closing in - so I made an amazingly fast trip up a big tree. The monster's boss made him go home, and when I felt safe I tumbled down and raced home. (see photo of monster)

All that excitement called for a long nap. Mom just keep reading and writing. How boring!

My turn (Carol writing again)

Boring? Anything but! I've been enjoying my time of solitude and reflection. Don't get me wrong, family and friends, I'm not redefining or changing myself in any way. I'm just pausing to decide just what is important to me.

In today's reading I found another gem written by traveler/author William C. Anderson:

"We are tethered to life by a very thin thread.
No one ever knows just when that thread is going to be clipped.
So the only thing to do is live one day at a time, milking each for all it's worth. Then when the time comes, you can say you have truly lived."

Those are potent words to mull over.