Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Enchiladas highlight another great day

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005

The highlight of my day was Joyce's awesome enchiladas and learning to make the sauce. I normally avoid red chile sauces because they often taste bitter, but the sauce she made was so smooth and flavorful. The enchiladas - flat, not rolled and with a fried egg on top - were delicious. I'll definitely stop and buy dried red chiles on my way to Arizona -no more canned sauce for me. (Note to the Nice Friends: let's have a New Mexican potluck dinner when I get back - I'll make the enchiladas.)

Earlier in the day, with a list of phone calls that needed to be made, I bicycled to the corner of "nowhere and nowhere" where I can get cell phone service.

Each day I continue my reading and thinking time, walking or sitting along the river, and writing in my journal. I'm never bored.

With the threat of "the monster" ever lurking, Cat stays close to home; and at times even with the door open, she chooses to stay inside. She has been perfecting the art of napping, trying out numerous positions and locations. (see photo of one of today's naps)

Today's pithy statements:

Life is like a coin;
you can spend it any way you wish, but you spend it only once.

Nothing in 'fine print' is ever good news
Science is facts.
Just as houses are made of stone.
But a pile of stones is not a house
And a collection of factsIs not necessarily science.
(quote attributed to Henry Poincare)

That's it for today.