Monday, November 14, 2005

Benson to Payson and a small fright

Monday, November 14, 2005

How would you like to be driving 60 mph down the multi-lane freeway, look up toward the rear view mirror and see a monstrous grasshopper – inside and just a couple feet from your face? This guy was at least 4 inches long when he stretched out one of his legs, and he didn’t look any too friendly.

I didn’t know how he got in or how long he’s been in, but I did know that I wanted him out. My eyes darted from the grasshopper to the traffic, working my way into a lane to exit the freeway. I pulled in a gas station, opened the passenger side window and with a little encouragement from my flyswatter, he hopped right out. Whew!

That was the biggest excitement on my drive today from Benson to Payson (Arizona). I was on I-10 between Benson and Tucson and in the middle of nothingness a sign said “Tucson City Limits” – and shortly after that a sign said 21 miles to Tucson!

I had my CB on and was entertained by trucker talk. I stopped at Beaudry’s RV on the east side of Tucson to pickup the jacket I won as a door prize.

I headed north on Hwy 89. It was a beautiful day – no wind.

I’m at the Payson Campground and RV Resort for the night. The park is on 14 acres among the pines. (see photo) There is a blue jay just outside the open window that is squawking at Cat. Cat is wishing to go outside.

It’s early to bed tonight. Good night!