Monday, October 31, 2011

Home or away, the adventure continues

"We don't always have control over what happens, but we do have control over what we do with the experience." – unknown author

Finally, I’m back to my blog. I was too busy while at Navajo Lake State Park, available to help campers and rangers from sunup to sundown. I left there Sept. 28.

After three days in Rio Rancho – visiting family and friends – I finally arrived home after being gone for six months. More adventure. I arrived to find two sick willow trees, the large one on its last legs and the smaller one only a bit better. Both trees were removed.

I also arrived to find out that Africanized bees had set up housekeeping in a void area between my living room and the attic. The local bee guy encouraged them to leave by poking some toxic material into their entry hole. Then he came back after a few days and closed up the hole. No more bees.

Discovered that Trader Joe's is building a store in the Prescott area – yea! This is one of my favorite shopping places; great selection of fresh produce and great quality food products.

Hired a new gardener. The former guy performed miserably, supposedly keeping weeds cut and checking on my automatic drip system. And had six spruce trees planted.

Got computer fixed. Repair guy removed about two-cats-worth of cat hair and replaced the fan. Hallelujah!

The local little theater – Lonesome Valley Players – performed Fiddler on the Roof. Great cast. The “fiddle player” was a 13-year-old local boy who played beautifully.

Had sweet times with neighbors and family. And had some kick-back and reading time.

Had a visit from a “leaf” – at first glance, that’s what it looked like. Ranger Amy identified it as a Katydid!

I’m now at my winter volunteer ‘job’ at McDowell Mountain Park in the northeast portion of the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix area). I’m assigned to help staff the park’s visitor center on weekends and some weekdays. Prescott Valley house is closed up and my sweet neighbors keep an eye on it.

Carol’s Cat – Rest in Peace

Now to the very sad news – Cat seemed to be on a hunger strike and was sleeping more than usual. And she was obviously loosing weight. I found a cat-loving Vet who x-rayed her and discovered that she only had one functioning kidney which was failing and the x-ray showed something in her lung that possibly was cancer. Cat had already lost a couple of pounds; was down to 5+ pounds from her normal 7+ pounds. And the Vet said she was in a lot of pain. So, Cat has gone to cat heaven and I sure do miss her.