Sunday, April 19, 2009

See you later, Cave Creek Regional Park

April 19, 2009

My six month volunteer stint here at Cave Creek Regional Park comes to an end tomorrow. To sum up my time here, even though five of those months were not what I expected, it has been super. And I’ll be back next November for another six months.

During those six months my Anderson Customer Service Philosophy and Anderson Work Ethic have had a chance to shine. I’ve met a ton of interesting people, and according to both the park supervisor and the ranger, “I’ve ‘earned my keep’ and they are grateful for my service.”

The biggest surprise was buying my Prescott Valley home. I knew I would eventually settle in Arizona, I just didn’t expect to find my new home so quickly. I continued to be at the park for four work days and then at the PV home for three days. Sister Linda and her hubby Bob – and Winnie their Australian Shepherd – were my first house guests. After that Albuquerque friends Hilda and Selma came for a visit.

I’ll leave here early on Tuesday morning and head to Rio Rancho. Granddaughter Melody is there for a visit, and daughter Sue and her hubby Dave are there. Jeremiah II will go into service while I visit.

After that – probably the second or third week of May – I’m off to a two-month volunteer time at my favorite New Mexico State ParkPancho Villa State Park. And after that, I plan to travel and explore Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Northern Nevada.

So, that brings you up to date.