Saturday, July 11, 2009

In case you wondered…

The adventure continues – it's the arena and tasks that change

When I last wrote, I was getting ready to prematurely leave Pancho Villa State Park. I left early June 9, the after my dental appointment in Palomas ($30 for a thorough ultra-sound teeth cleaning and exam! Look, Mom, no cavities!). I could now get my New Mexico house on the market.

After two days in Rio Rancho – long enough for Jeremiah to get some more warranty work done, Jeremiah, Cat and I left June 12; destination Prescott Valley. I parked Jeremiah at the Elks Lodge until I could get help backing the motorhome across my driveway – that crosses a ditch – and alongside my house. I didn’t want to do this by myself – I had visions of dropping a wheel into the ditch without someone guiding me.

Then the next nine days were spent thinning out unwanted furniture – some to a used furniture store, some at my garage sale and some donated to a local charity. This was in anticipation of my furniture and household goods arriving in late July.

The garage sale was a blast! New PV friend Connie was a delightful help; she’s very personable and chatty. Prices were set to get things out – lots of deals and some good free stuff, too. I met several neighbors that I hadn’t met before (there’s something about a garage sale that is a magnet for people).

The day after the sale was devoted to getting ready to have a carpet cleaner do his magic on the white carpeting. I loaded Cat and some stuff into my Ford Explorer and drove back to Rio Rancho. Cat and I camped out in the guest bedroom for a couple of days until Sue and Dave left for their boat (which is docked at a marina in Grenada to sit out the hurricane season). Their 2+ week trip is to get some boat maintenance done in between some R&R for them. Snoopy (their dog) went to a friend’s house here in Rio Rancho.

And I got busy cleaning all the places that get ignored – top of the refrigerator and fireplace. Clutter was either boxed up or stowed and the inside and outside got a thorough cleaning. Then I decided to choose a Realtor and get it on the market. Papers were signed, the photographer showed up and my house is now listed on various websites.

You can see it at - just click on this link Be sure to click on the “featured tour” for a virtual tour of the house.

In between cleaning projects, I finished writing and editing the articles for the 4th quarter issue of Personal Chef Magazine. Now my work is done, the house is clean, prospective buyers are coming – and I’m enjoying spending time with friends.

Sue and Dave and Snoopy (their dog) will be here next week. We’ll be getting their stuff ready for their move to a house nearby. That will be their permanent ‘home’ when they are not out on their boat.

I’ve arranged Mayflower Van Lines to pick up my furniture and household goods on Monday, July 27.

Then Cat and I will drive to Prescott Valley to arrive there the next day.

So on July 28 – whether it is sold or not – Cat and I will say goodbye to this house and drive back to Prescott Valley. After a few days there getting my new home put back together, I will load Jeremiah for another motorhome adventure.

My sister Linda and her husband Bob, who live in Gardnerville, Nevada, have plotted out a trip through northeastern California and southern Oregon. We’ll caravan our motorhomes and enjoy the adventure together. And of course, you can ‘travel’ with me as you read my blog.