Sunday, February 19, 2006

I’ve decided to go to Mexico

It’s Sunday evening, and I think I’m feeling better. The rally hosts arrived on Friday afternoon and they stopped by to say hello. I was at a real low place, seriously considering not going on to Puerto Penasco, Mexico, unless I felt much better by Saturday evening.

I was not running a fever and didn’t have a sore throat, but my body was making “crud” faster than I could cough it up or blow it out. One of the host couples drove me to the grocery store for a different medication. I spent Saturday and Sunday hunkered down, resting, reading, taking various meds and drinking lots of fluids.

Tomorrow morning the group – 44 motorhomes – leave for Mexico. And I’ve convinced myself that I am better and that I will go. Also, the hosts tell me there is a good medical clinic and that someone there speaks good English. It’s about a 100-mile drive to Puerto Penasco.

I’m still not much in the mood to write, but in my reading I came across these words about “believing” attributed to Calvin Coolidge. He titled it Thoroughbred Code.

I believe in work. For discontent and labor are not often companions.

I believe in thrift. For to store up a little regularly is to store up character as well.

I believe in simple living. For simplicity means health, and health means happiness.

I believe in loyalty. For if I am not true to others, I can not be true to myself.

I believe in a cheerful countenance. For a sour face is the sign of a grouch.

I believe in holding up my chin. For self-respect commands respect from others.

I believe in keeping up my courage. For troubles flee before a brave front.

I believe in bracing up my brother. For an encouraging word may save the day for him.

I believe in living up to the best that is in me. For to lower the standard is to give up the fight.