Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Have a good time? You Betcha!

Hang around Minnesotans very long and soon all your affirmative answers will be “You Betcha!”

I had expected to hear a big sigh of relief once Sierra Days were over because the entire event was organized and run by residents. Perhaps the streets, swimming pool, shuffleboard arena and pool hall would be quiet today. Seniors would be plopped in their recliners resting up or simply sleeping in.

Hah! Not a chance. The clubhouse was full by 9 a.m. for the Monday morning coffee and doughnut get-together. It started with a yo-yo competition between board members and block captains – who could keep the yo-yo going the longest? Block captains won. The coming week’s activities were mentioned, including Wednesday’s potluck dinner and Saturday’s pancake breakfast.

After the meeting, the park was as busy as ever. A crew was dismantling the huge grill, and the water aerobics class and shuffleboard courts were in full swing. Residents were riding on bicycles and golf carts, some were outside taking care of gardening chores, etc.

While most everyone was out and about, Gloria decided it was a good time to teach me to play Cribbage. Also, we both needed to have some quiet time. Gloria had had an allergic reaction to the gel her chiropractor used with an ultrasound treatment for headaches, and that resulted in itchiness. I’ve also had an allergic reaction to something in the air, and that has resulted in stuffy nose and sinuses. We’ve both been good customers of the nearby Walgreens searching for remedies.

One neighbor had been to Uurgent Care for her allergies, and the doctor said, “If we don’t get rain soon, everyone will be here with these problems.”

It’s time to travel again – next I head to the small southern town of Ajo, Arizona. Map dot “towns” near Ajo are Gu Vo, Hikiwan, Schuchili and Why.

It’s nice here in Apache Junction – and plenty of people call it their “home” for part of the year. It could be tempting ---- except for something that a man named John A. Schedd said:

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

And it’s not what Jeremiah was built for. So we’ll hit the road.

And besides, Cat says she is tired of being cooped up.

(I don’t have a clue when I’ll have Internet access. However, don’t let that stop you from sending email messages. Maybe I’ll be lucky.)


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