Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thanks for family visits

I have some great memories to file away from my week in Apache Junction.

As a child, I spent 10 years in The Valley of the Sun – the area that encompasses all the Phoenix-metropolitan cities. Of course, “way back then” there were a heck of a lot less people living there. And there were no freeways and no smog. We lived on the northwest quadrant of the valley in Glendale.

There were eight children in our family (seven girls and one boy), and only three chose to stay here. It was nice that they spread their visits out: Margy and her daughter Jenny on Friday, Alice on Saturday and Ed and his wife Debby on Sunday. Also I got to visit several times with Alton and Marcella - Gloria's brother and his wife, snowbirds from Minnesota.

I attended Glendale High School for three years, and then had the opportunity to transfer to a just-built one, Washington High School. I was one of 49 in my graduating class. Last month I realized that 2006 is my 50th high school reunion. Sister Margy did some checking and – boo-hoo – found out the big celebration had already been held. I called the school and belatedly brought them up to date with my whereabouts. With all my moves and name changes, (Anderson to Pray to Anderson to Serry and back to Anderson) they had lost track of me and I had neglected to keep them up to date. However, the school gave me information about a website started by the class of 64 and also will email me the list of my class that attended the reunion festivities.