Sunday, January 29, 2006

Surprise! I have wireless access at Guajome.

Sunday afternoon, Jan. 29

On Friday, I opted to keep my rental car for another day. First I spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble for Internet access ($3.95 for two hours connection, and worth every penny). I also did some shopping, ran a couple errands, and had a delightful lunch with my granddaughter Christine (my other 21-year old).

That evening I met Mary Jane (Halbig) and Lee Rife for dinner and a great visit. It was a time that Mary Jane will always remember. We had just sat down, been given glasses of ice water – and the next thing she knew, I accidentally knocked my ice water over and, after flooding the table, it ended up in her lap.

Yesterday (Saturday) several local friends visited me here at Guajome. First Dorothy and Jake Schwanner came by with coffee, brownies, chocolate chip cookies and grapes. What a treat! I met the two of them during my many years of country/western dancing.

They no sooner left than LeRae and Tom Moore (also c/w dance friends) drove up. And not too long after that Renee Scott (a friend from Riverview EV Free Church) joined us. What a great time with special people. Renee and I ended the day with a long walk on the Guajome trails.

This morning I took some bread and walked to the lake to feed the ducks, geese and coots. There are some might strange looking critters here (photo).

Cat has given up on going outside, and mostly naps. She sure konks out in some unusual positions.

Today I was wishing that I could have access here at Guajome. On a whim, I tried – and was surprised to find myself connected! I’m not sure where the signal is coming from, and it is weak, but it is here. I’ve been able to check my email, get some writing work done, and now I can post to my blog again. Hooray!

I also took some pictures of my motorhome.

It has been good to have time to read. This morning I finished Eugenia Price’s autobiography. As I got closer to the end, I found myself slowing down to make the book last longer!

I also have been collecting more pithy statements. Here’s one for you.

Comparison is the kiss of death of gratitude. When you start comparing your lot in life to somebody else's you stop being thankful for what God has given you. Comparison will stop gratitude every time." --Dr. Michael Easley

This evening I'm going to my son's to prepare homemade New Mexican enchiladas for his famiy. They live just a few miles away.

Tomorrow I leave Guajome to stay a few days at the friends Pat and Russ Vollman (they live in Escondido and have room for my motorhome). I’ll be back here at Guajome next Friday afternoon until Monday morning. I’d love to hear from you from time to time. Send email to