Thursday, February 16, 2006

The “dark side” of solo travel

It’s Friday morning, February 16. When I left Apache Junction on Wednesday morning, I was sick – it felt like a bad head cold that was working its way into my chest. I was eager to get out of Phoenix’s dust and polluted air. Overhead signs on I-10 said in effect “really bad air – carpool or stay home.”

Even though I only had about 150 miles to drive, the trip seemed very long and tiring. It was very windy and dusty all the way to Ajo. I was looking forward to getting settled in Shadow Ridge RV park and take a nap. I checked in and found out that the park was set up for wireless Internet.

Well, Ajo – a really small town – didn’t have the air pollution from vehicles, but it did have a lot of blowing dust. Instead of getting better, I was getting worse. My head was totally stopped up and my cough had started to deepen and rattle. The closest store is the ‘dollar store’ and yesterday I walked over for some cough syrup and more boxes of tissue. My bathroom countertop looks like a pharmacy with all the pills and potions that I was hoping would help.

Both Wednesday and yesterday the park was pretty empty except for the RVs that came in for overnight stays. I’m the only one here for the WIT rally. And I’m miserable. I called the one and only medical clinic in Ajo and the first appointment I could get would be on Monday. I’m seriously considering just going home or going back to Tempe where I have family and could get medical care instead of to Mexico.

I’ve been trying to get on the Internet, but it isn’t working. I tried taking my computer to the clubhouse, but still no Internet.

I’m depressed and don’t feel like writing. No pithy or witty words. I just want to feel better!!!!
So that’s all for now.