Friday, November 25, 2005

Family time in Nevada

November 20 – 25, 2005

Spending Thanksgiving with family is tops on my list! For the first time I joined my sister Linda and her husband Bob for a Lechien/Slater celebration in Gardnerville, Nevada. This small, mostly agricultural town is at the foot of Tahoe’s mountains.

Also at the foot of these mountains is Walley’s Hot Springs Spa and Resort. I mention this place because Linda’s boss gifted her with two nights there – and Linda’s husband graciously passed up his chance to go with her so I could go instead. During our time at the resort, Linda and I took an early morning water aerobics class (harder than it looks), tried out the various hot spring pools (almost turned into cooked prunes), had massages (marvelous) and a delicious dinner (prime rib and salmon) in the restaurant. A memorable “sister time” outing.

This is sister Linda relaxing in our spacious resort room.

Jeremiah got new vent covers at the local RV dealer – the kind that won’t blow off. Cat tolerated my long absences, seemingly happy to stay in the motorhome because both homes where we stayed had “monsters.” She just isn’t the sociable type when it comes to dogs and cats.

Linda’s son Tim, his wife (Linda #2) and Linda #2's son Anthony hosted Thanksgiving dinner. We had thirteen around the table: Linda’s sons Richard and David and David’s wife Lisa and their four children – and Linda, Bob and I. It was turkey with all the trimmings – and very delicious! Here's a photo of Linda #2 and her son Anthony.

Friday was a wintry day – clouds and rain and cold! When the clouds lifted on Saturday morning we were treated to snowy mountains.

I left Gardnerville on Saturday with two turkey sandwiches and a container of turkey soup to enjoy while on my way to Prescott, Arizona, for more family time.

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