Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Whew! It is hot both inside and outside Jeremiah

Tuesday, August 1

I’m parked in space 11 of Cuivre River State Park just outside Troy, Missouri. (Cuivre rhymes with river). I’m parked under some nice shade trees, and the outside temperature at 3 p.m. is 102-degrees! Inside it is 86-degrees – even with Jeremiah’s air conditioner going full speed! Humidity is 41 percent. I’m content to stay inside; Cat is sleeping.

I had a nice drive today – all interesting back roads that either went through or skirted small towns. In Iowa, the terrain was rolling hills; in northern Missouri it was a lot flatter. I was on Highway 61 that sort of paralleled the Mississippi River.

Cuivre River State Park is the largest of all Missouri State Parks – I think the camp host said it totals about 8,000 acres.

Now that I’m in the Midwest, I’ve been seeing some “new” birds – the Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, and Redheaded Woodpecker.

I’ll leave here in the morning and stop at Walmart in Troy before driving on into St. Louis. I have a week’s reservation at the St. Louis RV Park. I’ll have wireless Internet service there.

It’s too hot to write. Think I’ll just read a book.