Monday, July 31, 2006

Tackling the spooky trails again

Monday, July 31

Today is the “tomorrow” I thought about as I fell to sleep – another day to explore those spooky trails. This morning, with water, camera, binoculars, cell phone and my hiking pole I headed to the trail that would take me around the 25-acre Lacey Lake. Unlike the well-groomed, flat, one-plus-mile lake trail that I had walked twice at FW Kent Park, this hike that took me up and down hills through the woods.

I went back to Jeremiah to cool off and have lunch, and to get some writing work under the comfort of air conditioning.

At 2 p.m., I again packed my daypack for another hike. This time I reversed my route on the river trail; starting at the place I had hoped to end up yesterday. I had only hiked for about 15 minutes when I came to the “park road” sign. I continued on until I came again to the Ely Ford Crossing and then back up the park road to the campground. The trail didn’t seem as spooky as it did yesterday, nor as long. I calculated it was a little more than three miles total, giving me about seven miles of hiking today. Not bad for 90-degrees and 65% humidity!


  • Life comes in “chapters” and I’m so glad I chose to have this motorhome traveling chapter.
  • The purpose of life is not to “find yourself,” rather it is to “create yourself.” – I saw these words on a plaque at the Gustavus College (Saint Peter, Minnesota) bookstore.
  • “Creating” is an on-going process, a journey.
  • Looking back I’ve had numerous forks and detours along my journey.
  • Because of the choices I’ve made, here I am.
  • As I walk among 200-plus year old trees, I hear them saying to me, “Hey there, adventurous lady, keep on exploring and enjoying life. Conquer every challenge by taking it one step at a time.”

    As I write, I’m outside enjoying a breeze. Jeremiah is the only RV in the modern/electrical section of the campground.

    Tomorrow I’ll pack up and continue south into Missouri.