Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Very Busy Week

Rally Week - July 17 to 20
There’s precious little sitting-around time during Rally Week. There are 30 hour-long seminars each day, along with non-stop entertainment, vendor displays and sales, factory building tours, driving classes and evening entertainment.

With a year and a half of motorhome experience, the seminars and vendor displays are still important to me. And things made more sense to me – last year much of the information just whizzed past. I took several electrical-related seminars, and decided to have a solar panel installed on Jeremiah. The panel’s sole purpose is to keep my “house” batteries charged up during times of storage. So I went again to service to arrange this, even though it would mean missing some classes. My 10-watt panel was installed on Wednesday.

There were two Women’s Forum sessions and I was a small group facilitator at one of them. The room was packed and before the hour was up, each group had come up with numerous ideas for the motorhome planners/designers to consider that would add to the comfort and convenience inside the units.

The days flew by. We went to bed Wednesday night having been alerted to winds, rain, possibly hail and “tornado watch”. My “ditch bag” was packed and by the door along with shoes and Cat’s cage. We were instructed that if the tornado horn blew to leave our motorhomes and go to one of several storm shelters.

No tornado, but we did have about two hours of lightning, thunder, wind and rain during the night.

This morning (Thursday) – before we unhook and drive to Minnesota – I’ll post to my blog and check email messages. For the next three days Linda, Bob and I will be visiting some of our Mom’s cousins in the farming community of Medford, Minnesota. We’ll be parked at a farm.