Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jeremiah gets a new microwave/convection oven

July 9
Sunday morning was laundry – I learned last year not to wait until the actual rally week (starts July 16). By the time 1,600 motorhomes are here, the population of this small Iowa town practically doubles and overloads the capacity of the town’s one Laundromat. The afternoon was spent driving around Forest City and touring the Mansion Museum – home of the Winnebago Historical Society. The mansion, an example of Neoclassical architecture, was built around 1900, converted into a hotel in 1945, turned over to the historical society in 1977 to restore the house to its original plan and appearance.

July 10
Bright and early Monday morning, Linda, Bob and I were at the Customer Service check-in to arrange for some service – and we weren’t the first ones. I was hoping to either have my microwave fixed or replaced because it was unreliable: sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. I was given #138 and told to check the list each afternoon to see which motorhomes were scheduled the next day. Linda and Bob needed some work also. We thought it would be toward the end of the week before our numbers came up.

Lo and behold, we were on the Tuesday list. This meant unhooking and leaving the rally grounds, driving to Service – and then re-parking and re-leveling when service was finished. Oh, well, a reliable working microwave would be worth the inconvenience.

July 11
Shhh! Listen carefully and you can hear the fields of corn and soybeans saying, “Thank you Lord and Creator for the refreshing rain last night.” I was lulled to sleep by the rain on Jeremiah’s roof.

Today was Service Day – my appointment was for 11:30, but it took until nearly 4 p.m. before my new microwave was installed.

The original microwave/convection (a Samsung) had worked erratically since Day 1, and fortunately I had my dealer document this before the one-year warranty period ended. Winnebago replaced it with a Sharp unit at no cost to me! I’ve since talked with another Aspect owner who had their Samsung unit replaced also.

When our services were finished, Linda and I had planned on swapping parking spots on the rally grounds so we could have our “front doors” facing each other (I backed in, they headed in).

I’m happy with the new parking arrangement, but Cat isn’t. That’s because there are “monsters” on both sides of us, and Linda’s dog, Maverick, sits just outside our doors. Now I don’t have to worry about Cat going outside even if I’m not quick to get the door closed!

I’ll end today’s writing with a chuckle for you:

We are living in a world where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.
– Alfred E. Newman