Sunday, July 23, 2006

Farm life in Minnesota

The farmhouses in the Midwest that nestle amongst huge trees always look so inviting and cool on hot summer days. So it was a treat to call the farm “home” for a couple of nights. Jeremiah looks so tiny under the trees, and so did Linda and Bob’s larger motorhome.

Before we ever entered the driveways, the farm dogs – Candy, Chase, Duke and Oliver – were announcing our arrival. Besides fields of corn and soybeans, this is a hog-raising farm. There are three houses and three generations: my mother’s cousin Gloria Timm, her daughter and husband (Barb and Denny), and Gloria’s grandson and his family.

I recall my mom telling about spending summers here in this small town of Medford, Minnesota, visiting her cousins.

Two family members were visiting from California while we were there: Bernice Turtle and her daughter Kathy DeBlonk.

Evening entertainment, besides visiting with family around a bonfire, was roaring with laughter as Duke demonstrated his backing-down-the-steps skills. I should have had a video camera to really capture this trick.

On Saturday evening we had a huge family potluck dinner for somewhere between 30 and 40 relatives. What a grand time we had! And such delicious food. I don’t think anyone does potlucks better than Midwesterners.

Sunday morning - I'm on my way to St. Peter, Minnesota, to visit neighbors who have a summer home in this small town.

The following photos are of various relatives – probably only of interest to my siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins.