Sunday, July 30, 2006

Interview with an Adventurous Cat

Adventure timeline: 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning

The birds were singing and the sky was just beginning to show light – the time Cat usually jumps on my bed to greet me. She must be sound asleep, I thought. I called to her, got up and looked in her favorite sleeping places – no Cat! Then I looked all over – still no Cat! What????

Then I unlocked and opened Jeremiah’s door, not really expecting her, and in she jumped – wet from dew, covered with small burrs and squeaking pathetically. (Cat has no real meow; she has a quiet squeak and a chatter sound. Why? I’ll never know. I got her from an animal sanctuary and have no clue as to her history.)

Carol: Where have you been? How did you get outside? When did you escape?
Cat: (no comment)

For some reason, the line from the Goldilocks’ story came to me: “Tired and hungry as never before, Goldilocks knocked and she knocked on the door.”

I was aghast – and puzzled.

How did she get out? How was her night out? Did she just roam and explore the area? Was she scared? Oh, how I wish she could tell me about her adventure.

While I got Jeremiah ready to travel, Cat groomed herself, ate and drank water. The adventure ended happily.