Monday, December 05, 2005

More family time in "The Valley of the Sun"

I have two sisters, one brother, and an aunt living in the greater Phoenix area, and I packed a lot into my two days there. Brother Ed and his wife Debbie provided my RV parking space - their driveway is just long enough. I had lunch with sister Alice and dinner with sister Margie and niece Jenny. On Sunday afternoon Ed and I visited Auntie Marian.

This morning as I was getting ready to leave on, I discovered I couldn't put my bike on the rack because the padlock on my rack wouldn't open. Arghhh! This meant loading my bicycle inside my motorhome - it barely fit after removing the front wheel.

I had intended to spend the night in Benson or Willcox (Arizona) which meant I'd have to take my bike out, lock it for the night, unlock and put it back in. As I drove south on I-10 I debated whether to stay with my plan - and deal with the bike - or to keep driving to Pancho Villa State Park. Stay - go - stay - go. I decided to keep driving. I know the rangers at Pancho Villa and surely one of them can cut my bike lock off.

I stayed on I-10, watching cars and 18-wheelers zoom past at 75+ mph until I got past the New Mexico state line where I headed south and then east on NM route 9. Once again I could take my half of the road out of the middle, sit back and relax. This is the same road I took weeks earlier - this time there was no sign of military or border patrol.

I arrived at Pancho Villa about 4 p.m. Another trouble-free driving day.


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