Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Back!

Since I last posted to my blog, I’ve been to my granddaughter Melody’s wedding in Indiana, and now I’m back at Pancho Villa State Park for a month of volunteering.

Of course this proud Grandma can’t resist adding some pictures from the wedding. Melody’s attendants included her cousin Christine Pray (my granddaughter also; the two girls are 1 month apart in age).

Photos from top to bottom:
Melody and her Dad Dave
Derrick and Melody
Sue, Derrick, Me, Melody and Dave
Melody - taken just before the wedding

I chose to fly to Indiana – and after all the hulla-baloo of air travel – take off your shoes, stand in lines, cram into small seats (note to all – don’t sit next to a fat person; they take up their seat and part of yours) – I’m even more in love with motorhome travel.

The wedding was in Peru, Indiana (I was told that hillbillies pronounce it pee-roo) at a lovely, historic, Methodist Church. The groom – Derrick Cottrell – is from a small town near Peru and they have many family members in other small towns. Peru is famous for being the birthplace of the circus. We stayed at a nice Best Western Motel. Both Derrick and Melody are in the Navy, both Master at Arms (Navy police) and both stationed in Japan. They return to Japan on July 17.

When I returned home, I hurriedly finished packing Jeremiah and by 11 a.m. the next day Cat and I were on the road to Pancho Villa State Park. I’ll be here one month.