Sunday, May 06, 2007

Winter returns to northern New Mexico

May 5 – 6

Friends Hilda, Sylvia and Jesse arrived Friday evening to spend the weekend. Jesse brought his motorboat in hopes of exploring the many coves of Navajo Lake from the water. The weather report painted an unfavorable picture – at least for Saturday.

True to the report, Friday night brought rain and cold weather. Saturday morning was a variety of weather: overcast at times with rain, hail and snow flurries; and a bit of sun at scattered times. The three of them headed north with the intent of having lunch in Silverton, Colorado. I chose to stay here and get more editing work done.

When they got back, we hiked to the nearby cave – and took pictures.

Jesse grilled burgers and Hilda and Sylvia brought the dinner fixings for a delicious meal. We invited Kurt to join us and had a great time laughing our way through the evening. They surprised me with a birthday cake – including a few candles. We ended the evening with a game of Mexican Train Dominoes.

Sunday’s weather was no better. Sadly, there would be no boating this weekend!

Weather permitting, I’ll drive to Heron Lake State Park tomorrow.