Monday, March 26, 2007

Lake, trails and Fisherman’s Pie

What is RVing? To me, RVing is traveling in an RV for pleasure, not just living in one for shelter. I personally love the idea of traveling from place to place, exploring what's around the next corner, staying in beautiful campgrounds, meeting new people, dining on regional foods, and waking up to a new scene out my window.

If Roper Lake is representative of Arizona’s 14 State Parks that have camping facilities, I’ll have an enjoyable time exploring them in the future. The park is located near the town of Safford. It has desert vegetation, a 32-acre lake stocked with trout, three camping areas and a view of Mount Graham. There are five miles of trails, and a good park for bird watching. The area attracts many migratory birds from Central and South America

I spent a morning walking around the lake and onto the “island” (actually a peninsula), stopping to watch birds, ducks, coots and a majestic Great Blue Heron. And I hiked the Mesa Trail that overlooks the park and the town on the other side. I checked out the park’s hot springs tub; small and not a pretty sight. I decided to skip this amenity.

I was able to identify two birds that I have not seen before: Yellow headed blackbirds and Verdins. A roadrunner strolled by my campsite and a woodpecker visited the nearby tree.

Cat had a couple of outdoor times, disappearing from my sight both times. On her last outing, she came running toward Jeremiah with a yellow cat chasing her. I quickly shut the door when she hopped in, and the cat – camp host says there are several feral cats here – ran away when I walked towards it. The camp host also said a feral cat beat up her cat pretty badly once. So, no more outings for Cat while I’m here.

And thinking of Cat, I forgot to tell you about the cat fight she was involved in while we were parked at the Vollman’s in Escondido. It was a sight: large black cat and petite Cat. Both had ears flattened, swatting at each other, and the sounds I had never heard coming from Cat surprised me. The winner? Thanks to a piece of glass, it was a standoff! Yes, the black cat – named Sweetie – was on Jeremiah’s hood, Cat was inside on the dashboard – the windshield between the two.

One of the best things about Roper Lake was Dianne and Kenny Thompson – park volunteers from Canada. I was parked next to them. In Kenny’s off-time, he fishes the lake and after landing three trout, Dianne invited me to join them for dinner – Fisherman’s Pie. It was delicious and I got some basic information about making this dish. I’m eager to try it – but will have to settle for fish from the grocery store.

My time at Roper is up; next stop is Pancho Villa State Park.