Monday, May 08, 2006

Go? Move? Or?

I pondered my options on my football-field length walk uphill to the “Comfort Station.” (fancy name for restroom at this park)

By the time I got back to Jeremiah, I had decided to stay right here. It is nice, quiet, and I could get a lot of writing work done. With Sue coming to town in less than two weeks, I wanted to have all my magazine writing done, and a bunch of newspaper columns ready. I wanted to be free of work so Sue and I could “play.”

Emy and I took off for a drive to two primitive camping areas – along the river below the dam – to check them out for possible outings for our other friends.

Back at Jeremiah, while Emy was packing up, I checked my “tank levels” (hadn’t given them any thought) and discovered that the “black water” was just fine, but the “gray water” was full!

That’s a problem. One way or another, I would have to move. Now I came up with three options:
1. unhook, drive short distance to the park’s dump station, drive back and re-hook and stay here.
2. unhook, dump, and drive to Santa Rosa State Park for a few days.
3. unhook, dump and drive home a couple of days early.

I’ve decided to drive home tomorrow. When I get home, the Cat in the house and Jeremiah unloaded, I’ll post to my blog and hopefully get the missing photos uploaded.

Emy packed up and headed out; I headed for my computer to get the promised work done.

In the early evening, I got a close-up-and-personal look at the herd of deer as they enjoyed some cracked corn that was put out for them.

My next trip will be late June through mid August. I’ll be headed through Colorado, Kansas, into Iowa for the Winnebago Grand National Rally (I call it a sleepover for Winnebago motorhomes), Missouri for the Personal Chef conference, Arkansas, Texas and back home.

I'll post my trip reflections in a day or two. Laundry comes first.