Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Labor Day Mob is here

"We don't always have control over what happens, but we do have control over what we do with the experience." – unknown author

‘This, too, shall pass’ is the reminder to myself as I wander around a campground that is a jumble of people (including lots of children), dogs, RVs, tents, boats, boat trailers, cars and pickup trucks. Fortunately we have a bunch of really nice folks who behave themselves. I’m so glad I have seven law-enforcement rangers who are at my beck and call when any situation calls for enforcement. If a camper wants to argue with me (“my dog doesn’t need to be on a leash” “but I want to park there” and “I don’t see why I should pay to be here”) I smile and simply say, “I’ll have a ranger come explain it to you,” as I take out my cell phone and make a call.

Then in the evening as I relax from a busy day, I reflect on the sweet solitude and stillness I enjoyed for the previous four or five days. I remember the hours I spent sitting in the shade reading and watching the ‘wildlife’ – humming birds, robins, Juniper titmouse, towhee and the graceful ravens, lizards, rabbits and an assortment of insects including ants, hornets and a Praying Mantis. 
 And speaking of wildlife, you’ll recall that Volunteer Dick had three kittens (two gray and one yellow-orange) that momma cat (yellow-orange) birthed in his diesel engine compartment. The kittens grew up and Dick decided to trap and relocate them. First he caught the yellow-orange one and relocated it at the farthest primitive campground. The next day he caught one of the gray ones and took to the area where he left the other cat. On the morning of day three, he found a raccoon in the trap – a very mad raccoon. Dick relocated this critter in a different primitive campground. Two days later, I spotted Momma cat and her three offspring running across the road from Dick’s RV to the dumpster area!

As I think about changing to a much smaller RV, I also mentally pare down my belongings. With this on my mind at times, I had to grin when I saw the neighboring toddler as he sucked his thumb while fondling a quilted cotton square, recalling on how most toddlers have a favorite ‘blankie’ or stuffed toy!

The pocket full of dog treats has made my volunteer time extra special! I’ve treated lots of dogs of all sizes (after asking their human if it is OK and also making sure the dog would not take my hand off). As I’m bending down to treat a dog, I talk to it: “(dog’s name) I have a job for you while you are here. Be sure your human keeps you on a leash and picks up after you. Can you do that for me?” At that point I give the treat and get some pets. Humans have heard my request and hopefully they follow through.

I have some favorite dogs, one of them is Zeus the big slobbery dog across the way.
Dogs that I see frequently go nuts and strain at their leashes when I’m near. And in exchange for the treats, I get lots of dog petting!

Weather has been super – day highs in upper 80s; nights lows in the mid 60s. Great sleeping weather. We did have some thunderstorms last week, a couple that dumped quite a bit of rain. What a surprise to see what one camper did about his leaky roof – added a large Coppertone umbrella on the roof. Clever, don’t you think?
This week’s “Found” list is really short – one quarter and five pennies and a steak knife! I’m attributing the lack of goodies is that there are very few tenting campsites. But I’m always hopeful!

And I eagerly await the solitude and stillness that will be here after this weekend.

Here’s your thought to ponder this week:
If you waste your life sitting on the fence, you’ll end up going nowhere in the brief time you have left.