Monday, August 20, 2012

Hooray it’s Monday!

Working people look forward to Friday and then dread the arrival of Monday.
Retired RV travelers, and especially park volunteers, do the reverse – we dread Friday and cheer when Monday gets here! In fact, my Monday theme song is Happy Days are Here Again!

Now, don’t get me wrong. Every day is precious to me and I welcome them all. But after the busy weekend – boats, RVs, tents, vehicles, people, children and dogs everywhere – it is nice to have a day or two without the commotion. And today is also a cloudy, drizzly day as a change from the hot New Mexico sun. Great day for reading after the last of the campsites are cleaned.

Valuable “trash” – Dick, another volunteer, is the recipient of several items.
  1. Hummingbird feeder left hanging at a campsite. I’m enjoying the hummers at my campsite.
  2. Only 2 pennies! Must be the lousy economy!
  3. Heavy-duty, rubberized wheel chock (gave to volunteer Dick)
  4. Another fish ‘stringer’ (also gave to Dick)
  5. One of those portable ‘shade structures’ (brand names Easy Up and First Up) Had a few structural issues but Dick was able to get it up and over his picnic table; I have no use for it.
  6. Someone left an un-assembled set of “grill legs” ($50 price tag) by the dumpsters. Dick has this.
People – it takes all kinds
A ‘homeless lady’ arrived last week – camps/sleeps in a GMC van that is loaded to the top with her stuff and says she is a ‘minimalist’ and plans to be here until November. Quite a talker – she is in year 9 of a self-determined 12-year ‘healing pilgrimage’ (my term, not hers). I’m assuming she is in her late 50s or early 60s.
Mr. ‘Cut Down that Dead Tree”. He thinks the dead tree near his RV is a huge fire hazard. (Actually all our trees (Juniper and Pinon) – living and dead – are fire hazards. Park says ‘no’ because the tree is part of the local eagles winter habitat. I offered him another campsite, but he turned me down.
Visited with several ‘regulars’ from the past two years. Larry and Vi, from Hesperia, Calif., who will take over the August/September volunteer slot next year.
Heidi and Chris from Albuquerque spent a few days here. They have spent time also at Cave Creek Regional Park (Phoenix area)
Cathie and Guy from Farmington have become my personal shoppers and brought some groceries to me.

And RVs of all sorts – and ages – visit this park. The oddest arrived yesterday driven by a solo man probably in his 60s. I’ll let the photo give the description. He says he just bought the small RV and will be fixing it up. Then he’ll sell his larger one when he gets to Quartszite this winter.

That’s it for this blog. Maybe next one will be more interesting.