Thursday, June 26, 2008

Midwest, here I come!

Day 1; 2008 Midwest Trip, June 26 through July 29

It was noon on Thursday before Cat and I started up Jeremiah the Second and headed north.

What a project getting loaded! I was not able to pick up the motorhome from Rocky Mountain RV until Wednesday.

Service writer Jayne Fairchild, Service Supervisor Bob Franklin, and the technicians managed to tackle everything on my “fix-it” list. Reading through the completed service order let me know how challenging a couple of the items were. For instance, on the shake-down trip (Grand Canyon, Moab, Phoenix and Prescott) I discovered that the sensors on one of the waste tanks did not work. From the service report: “Removed sensors…set new ones…filled tank but nothing worked. Drained tank and tested again… didn’t work. Called factory; tested for continuity…tried two other things…noticed that the plug that comes from back to board had a smashed pin. Changed pin…tested again…it worked!” And the best part – everything was covered by warranty!

I’m now settled in at Clayton Lake State Park, 12 miles north of the town of Clayton, NM. It was a 270-mile trip, but once I got through the Santa Fe area, the Interstate was lightly traveled. Then when I turned on Highway 56, I practically had the last 70 miles to myself. I got the last site with electricity. (there are only 7 sites with electricity. No Internet service and my phone is on extended network. Because of this, Clayton would not be a good volunteer site.

After a couple of hours on electricity, I decided to move to an empty parking lot along the lake. There was a nice breeze off the lake, and it was quieter. Since it had cooled off, there was no need to stay hooked up to electricity. This will allow me to just start driving in the morning – nothing to unhook or remove.

It is time for my celebratory Night One Champagne. Then I’ll read and go to bed early. Tomorrow I’ll drive through the panhandle corner of Oklahoma and then be in Kansas.