Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweaters, scarves packed again

Dec. 1 to 10 - Fulton, Texas

Of course Happy Hour continues. I took this photo of our first Driftwood RV Happy Hour; Park Owner Gaynor joined us.

2007 will go on record as my warmest winter in a bunch of years!

When I awake about 5 a.m., the temperature is in the 70s and the humidity percentage is in the 80s! Bedtime is a duplicate of morning. In the day time the temps rise a bit, but humidity stays the same. In short – it is hot and muggy here. Everything seems sticky. After a shower I towel off, then I towel off, then I towel off, etc. Quite a change from cold, dry New Mexico winters.

When summer comes here, Winter Texans aren’t the only ones to leave town. The Locals say it is way too hot to be here and head for cooler areas. The summer visitors are folks coming to the Rockport-Fulton area for fishing and boating. Known as the “Charm of the Texas Coast”, visitors come to escape real winter and to enjoy more than 20,000 acres of land-locked bays.

Weather aside, this is a good place to be for the winter. “Real” Texans appreciate Winter Texans and the boost to the local economy. (they do not call us “snowbirds”) And there is a lot to do.

Driftwood RV Haven – where the Winnies are staying (Carol R, Elizabeth, Roberta and I) is delightful. It is a small park owned and run by Gaynor, a widowed Brit, who has a great sense of humor, works hard to keep the park a desirable place, and is grateful to all “her campers”. RVs are parked on grass, with large Oak trees along with a lot of bushes, plants and flowers. (My mailing address until Jan. 30 is Carol Anderson, Driftwood RV Haven, PO Box 1749, Fulton, TX 78358.) The park is just three blocks to Aransas Bay, one mile to the HEB supermarket. The terrain is pretty flat making for great bicycling.

We had barely settled in before the town of Fulton held a Fish Fry for Winter Texans. The fish – local catch – was cooked up by the Volunteer Fire Department and served by volunteers. It was a sit-down dinner; two seatings for a total of 800 grateful visitors.

Next Gaynor planned a ladies luncheon at a harbor-side restaurant in Rockport. The route we took required a ferry ride.

The Chamber of Commerce (theme: Fall in Love with Rockport-Fulton) multi-page Visitor Coupon Book has a variety of offers. They include such things as a free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen, restaurant coupons, oil-change specials, discount on art classes, a free ‘scrap dive’ at a quilt show, and free membership in the NavyArmy Federal Credit Union.

The next big event was the 2007 Historic Home Tour. The focal point of the tour was the well-preserved Fulton Mansion that is now a Texas State Historical Site. Building of the home started in 1874, and when completed it was the only house in the region to have central lighting, heating and running water. The eight homes featured on the tour were hosted by volunteers in period clothing. The day ended with candlelight Caroling on the front lawn of the Mansion.

It has been good to stay put for a while and have time to take care of projects. Cat mostly sleeps, but does tolerate her harness/leash to be outside for short times. She is very skittish – doesn’t like noises and “monsters” (dogs being walked by). RVs are spaced out nicely, and the other folks are pleasant.

In my reading the past few days, I've come across two quotes about "choices".

"We're free to make choices but we can't choose the consequences. Our choice chooses for us." (unknown author)

"Every act, every choice I make, no matter what age I am, has consequences....Every act, every choice, sows a seed. And it will reap a harvest. The challenging thing is that the harvest isn’t usually immediate." (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)