Saturday, November 03, 2007

Additional PVSP Comments

Wouldn’t you know it? The day after I posted my most recent blog entry I remembered two things I had meant to include. So, here they are.

End of the Continental Divide Trail. There are three official endings to the nearly 3,000-mile Continental Divide Trail. This CDT trail starts at the USA northern border, and has three possible endings at the USA southern border. One of them is through Pancho Villa State Park to the USA border at Palomas. Hikers usually start up north in June, and it is late October/early November when they end. Many times they are solo hikers, but last year the park had some duos and one family (mom, dad, and two teenage girls).

Those who end at Palomas usually stay here at PVSP for one or more nights, camping in their trail tent. PVSP keeps a “Trail Ending” photo book; each hiker gets a page in which we put a photo and they write briefly about their experience. They have adventures that make my “adventures” pale by comparison.

Brad – who lives in Alaska – arrived last week and stayed three days. His solo hike had taken 127 days, and he calculated his trail to have been 2,800 miles!!!!!! Check out a map. This trail is not flat. It goes through some mighty rugged mountainous terrain. Not only did he conquer the CDT, he has also hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail! He said the CDT was the most difficult of the three.

Here’s Brad after a long, hot shower.

San Diego Fires. My Palomar Mountain friend and former neighbor Bonnie Phelps (well, yes the Phelps mountain home was 12 or so miles from my home – but still a neighbor) did an awesome job of keeping residents and folks who love Palomar apprised of the fire status. She also is the local Realtor; the one who handled the deal when I bought on Palomar and when I sold. On her business website I discovered that my former mountain home is for sale again. Pictures on her website sure brought back wonderful Palomar memories – three years of adventures of living off the grid, four miles from the closest ‘neighbor’, and an hour from town. Thanks to the fire fighters, "my side of the mountain" was not in danger from the fires.

Stay tuned - next post will probably include Texas travel plans.

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