Tuesday, September 24, 2013

On the move again after one week in Gardnerville

Gardnerville is on the west side of Nevada, about midway between the north and south boundaries. It is a small town surrounded by ranches. My sister Linda (#3 in the Anderson lineup; I'm #2), her three grown sons and their families live in this area.

Linda recently had a knee replaced and I was able to be her driver for errands and such. We had great visiting time, a lot of it talking about our childhood years. She is four years younger than I. A phone call to sibling #1 (two years older than I) filled in some gaps.

On the Sunday I was there, we had a family dinner at the Tim Slaters. Other activities included church on Sunday and a Bible study on Monday evening. I got my annual fill of TV programs: NASCAR racing, sports, and a whole lot of advertising!

Since Linda lives in a senior home area, there was no good place to park Jeremiah. So I moved stuff into her guest room, parked the motorhome at her son Tim's home nearby and slept in a real bed for the week! When Tim brought Jeremiah to me the day I left, the gas tank was full and all the bugs washed off! What a super surprise!

Tonapah, Nevada
After a week, it was time to continue on my travels. I drove south on Hwy 95 alongside Walker Lake, past the Hawthorne Army Depot, the Columbus Salt Marsh, tiny specks of towns named Mina and Luning. The Excelsior Mountains were west of the highway and to the east was the Monte Cristo Range. I camped a night in Tonapah. This really small town's school teams are called the “Muckers” (I learned from friend Jesse that this is a mining term).

Once past this town it was a whole bunch of nothing! The highway did take me through some dot-sized towns, Goldfield, Beatty and Amargosa. On this route, to the west were the Silver Peak Range and the Sarcobatus Flat and the eastern-most part of Death Valley. To the east of the highway was Mud Lake, Stonewall Flat, Tolcha Peak (7,054 feet) the Nevada National Security Site.

Pahrump, Nevada
I was going to get a campsite at Saddles West Casino and RV park – until the clerk checking me in asked me to leave my credit card and my driver's license (copies of) with her. Why? She said it was policy in case I didn't unplug my utilities and caused any damage. “So basically management doesn't trust the campers?” I asked. She said, “yes”. To which I replied, “Well I don't trust the management with my credit card number and my driver's license information. I'll stay elsewhere.” And I left and went across to an RV park that was actually much nicer – had grass and trees. All Saddles West had was blacktop.

After a late afternoon and evening visiting with my (ex) father-in-law Earl Serry, I stayed another day, giving myself a day of R&R before traveling on.

Where I am now
After a stop in Las Vegas at Sam's Club and Walmart, I drove east, heading to Southern Utah. Well, to get there, I had to go through a corner of Arizona, then into Utah. Couldn't find a nice-looking campground in St. George. The highway took me back into Arizona - and then north into Utah. A round-about route, but certainly beautiful.

What's next?
I'll go back into Arizona - poking along northeastern Arizona, I'll probably spend a night to so in Page before continuing to Farmington, NM and then on to Navajo Lake State Park. Here I'll be a “real camper” instead of a campground host. Of course you know I'll help out if needed!

I'll be in Rio Rancho/Albq area from Oct. 15 through 26, and then head for home!