Friday, December 29, 2006

Yep, I’m still loving it here at Pancho Villa State Park!

Dec. 24 – 30, 2006
Week 9 Blog

I want to be one of those octogenarians who make age look like something you don’t want to miss.

My new friends Gwen (age 85) and Jim (age 86) are perfect examples of the above quote from William Least Heat Moon, in his book, "Blue Highways." It has been such a privilege to see these two deightlful octogenarians in action.

Yes, Christmas was a great day. The sun was out most of the day, although the air was chilly. During the day I reminisced that it was just two years ago that I bought Jeremiah and headed out for my very first motorhome trip. I remember feeling apprehensive, yet looking forward to new adventures. At that time I had no idea just how amazing my adventures would become. I’ve never regretted this traveling decision!

My early morning walks to the showers – by flashlight since I usually shower between 5:30 and 6 – never fail to stir my senses. Hearing: roosters are crowing and donkeys are braying. Vision: the stars slowly disappear into the sky as the horizon shows a faint promise of a sunrise. Sense of smell: the desert has such a variety of fragrances. Sense of feel: temperature ranges between 26 and 34 degrees, I’m well bundled up with coat, scarf, wool cap, and gloves but my cheeks and nose feel the cold. It’s a fairly short walk, but since I’m enjoying the sounds, sights, and smells I manage to make it last quite a while. I’m glad the park’s shower room is well heated.

I’ve had a couple telephone calls from Sue and Dave. They enjoyed a Christmas potluck dinner at Maho Bay in St. John’s Islands (U.S. Virgin Islands). Sue reports there were about a dozen sail-boating friends. They used a variety of things – kayaks, dingies, etc. – to create tables on the beach. Day’s events included singing Christmas Carols, swimming, snorkeling, and such. They will be back in Albuquerque on Jan. 23 for a few days.

This week’s highlight was a trip into Deming to the St. Clair Winery. Gwen and Jim took me there as a thank you for looking after their two cats while they flew to Ohio to spend Christmas with family. This winery sells table wine by the half-gallon jug. Behind the wine-tasting bar they have four vats of wine: sweet red, dry red, sweet white, dry white. Customers taste various combinations of the wines to determine the mix of the jug they will buy. I liked the mixture: 75% dry red and 25% sweet red. I also bought two bottles of my favorite sparkling wine (D.H. Lescombes New Mexico Imperial Kir)

I’m looking forward to a peaceful New Year’s Eve, and look forward to more traveling adventures in 2007. I’ll be home the last three weeks in January, and then head out in Jeremiah for a two-month trip through Arizona and southern California.